Sick Visits

Ferguson Family Practice

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If you have a need for health support due to a short-term illness, such as the flu, Ferguson Family Practice in San Marcos, Texas, is ready to help. The team of providers under the direction of Ashley Ferguson, RN, FNP-C, offers skill and experience when it comes to diagnosing and treating immediate health needs. If you have a health concern, such as a sore throat, troublesome cough, or unusual rash, call the office as soon as possible or check the online scheduler for available appointments.

Sick Visits Q & A

What are sick visits?

Sick visits are those times you come in to see the nurse practitioner due to immediate symptoms, such as a sore throat or stomach pain. Usually these symptoms come on relatively suddenly and interfere with your normal routine and comfort. Annual exams are when the Ferguson Family Practice team reviews your overall health and any important changes to your health history. They’ll review vaccine needs and run routine screenings at these times. Sick visits are reserved for evaluating and resolving problematic symptoms, such as a skin rash, fever, or sore throat. The staff does everything possible to schedule a sick visit the same day as your call or online contact.

What happens at a sick visit?

At a sick visit, Ferguson Family Practice team reviews your symptoms and anything relevant in your health history. They do a quick physical exam and, if your symptoms warrant it, additional testing such as a throat culture or blood test.  After diagnosing the cause of your symptoms, the team offers a treatment plan to restore your health. Treatment may involve at-home strategies, prescription medications, and antibiotics. A sick visit usually lasts 15-30 minutes.

What types of issues call for a sick visit?

Come to Ferguson Family Practice for any urgent medical issue that is concerning you. Sick visits commonly address:

  • Skin rashes or infections
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Fever and flu
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Sprains and strains
  • Severe sore throat and coughing

Of course, if you have an emergency that’s life-threatening, head to the emergency room right away or call 911. Semi-emergency care issues, such as a suspected broken bone or a cut that may need stitches may be better reserved for an urgent care clinic. If you’re not sure your issue needs to be addressed by the Ferguson Family Practice team, call the office for an opinion.  The administrative staff may refer your call to medical staff on site or help you determine if symptoms are acute and need a sick visit or signs of a chronic condition that requires a consultation. For all your sick care needs, trust Ferguson Family Practice. Call or book online for an immediate appointment.